My Portfolio

This page is dedicated to my most prominent projects from over the years.

OFPS (2022)

Optical Flow Processing Stack

This project was built to analyze viability of camera motion tracking using compressed video streams, such as H.264, however, it is an entire framework built to generalize the problem of processing optical flows. The end result was as follows:

  1. General framework for processing optical flows with a plugin system.
  2. Several optical flow decoders (OpenCV based, MPEG decoding based, etc.).
  3. Several camera motion estimators (point alignment based, multiple view geometry based, etc.).
  4. GUI app with custom 3D renderer for visualization.

CGlue (2021 - Present)

Rust ABI-stable code generator

This project provides code generating macros to make allow dynamically loading Rust code as simple as possible, with large emphasis on traits and their groups. C ABI is being used, which, all in all, brings these key advantages:

  1. Safe mixing of code built with different Rust compiler versions.
  2. Enable interfacing with C libraries.
  3. Bridge Rust to other high level languages through C interface.

memflow (2020 - Present)

Live memory forensics

This project is a highly efficient and flexible foundation for memory forensics tools. These are the key features:

  1. Plugin system to enable different live and offline memory acquisition methods (dumps, QEMU, KVM, etc.).
  2. Parsing of operating systems (such as windows) from RAM in a general way.
  3. Computer architecture agnostic.
  4. Ability to nest access to virtual machines running inside a dumped OS.
  5. Complete abstraction from the user code side with a powerful and easy to use API.

vmread (2018 - 2020)

KVM OS memory access

This project is memflow's predecessor, and provides access to Windows OS running within QEMU/KVM machines.

UNet-Controller (2016 - 2018)

Safe multiplayer character movement in Unity

This project was the first large release and it provides an easy to use framework for building multiplayer games on Unity 3D engine. The key features are as follows:

  1. Complete security through server authority.
  2. Clients predict their actions to minimize apparent latency.
  3. Game state recording system for replays and lag compensation.
  4. Versatile character movement system that supports advanced features, such as ragdoll transitions.
  5. High performance.