About Me

Okay, so you probably want to know a bit more about me? Well, here we go.

I am a recent University of Birmingham graduate coming from Lithuania, where I went to KTU engineering lyceum. I started programming when I was 11, dreaming of making a large 3D multiplayer open world game. Yes, I wanted to make GTA. All by myself. And with better netcode. Around 2015, after countless iterations, I had something that quite resembled what I was going for. And had better networking. But it was a project far too big for one person, so I eventually abandoned it.

I continued to gain experience, participate in programming contests, and work on more realistic projects. I eventually did it, I shipped something feature complete, then I found new interest in reverse engineering video games. It lead to me working on a Direct Memory Access attack tool.

Afterwards, I moved to University of Birmingham to study Computer Science, where I continued to broaden my horizons, especially in the AI and robotics field. My dissertation topic was about using MPEG motion vectors to extract 3D movement of the camera. During that I developed Optical Flow Processing Stack that is focused specifically on motion vector processing.

Over the course of my studies I have also co-authored memflow, pushed the envelope of what's possible with Rust by creating CGlue, and started to work on really cool robots. Even though I have spent a lot of time in this field, time and time again I find new things to get fascinated about, and never run out of new things to learn. I recently got a chance to work on even bigger projects, on bigger teams, as part of Chorus One.

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